" My 3 year old has developed a level of focus during playtime that I know he would not have had if it weren't for his experience with the instructors at blockspot®.  The level of attention and personal interest given during his time at Nursery Nation has taught him the fundamentals of productive , cooperative, respectful and rewarding activity while at the same time keeping it fun and nurturing.  My son is a part of something at blockspot®, with a skill set being built right along with that which he helps to build"   -  Mother of  a three year old

" blockspot® encourages learning and creativity through play.  It opens my child's mind to all the amazing possibilities the world will hold for her"  -  Mother of a 10 year old

'My son has a visual motor skills deficit.  This includes, eye hand coordination,  visual perception and crossing over his midline.  This vision issue has left my son with a lack of confidence and he has difficulty reading.   Additionally, he has a difficult time coordinating his body in response to what he is seeing.  We have had an occupational therapist   working with him once a week, but it wasn't enough.

Shortly after our son started to attend blockspot® we noticed a huge difference.  blockspot® helped our son to bring it all together.  Now he has the confidence to get in the game, his reading has improved and most of all he doesn't feel different anymore.  My husband and I are so grateful to blockspot® for all they do."  - Mother of a 9 year old