At blockspot™ our mission is to get kids of all ages playing with blocks, and supporting parents and teachers who understand the importance of doing so. We believe that the more opportunities children have to play with blocks the greater their ability to learn anything!


blockspot™ was developed by educators who understand that the way to build bigger better brains and thinking is when children are involved with natural materials like blocks. Children learn best when they are permitted the time to think, discover and create without outcomes. Our goal is to get blocks back in to the hands of children of all ages. As children mature, so does their play which makes the structures they create complex and full of big ideas. We believe that children have a voice and want to recognize their individuality and support their learning levels. Using blocks, children learn about concepts like cause and effect, mapping skills, functions of building and design, creative and critical thinking skills and attributes of properties and matter. Concepts are the building blocks of all learning. Things like gravity, balance, measurement and stability cannot be fully understood in the virtual world of electronics. Children need time, space and encouragement for their ideas to come to life. blockspot™ was created with all of these principles in mind.