Field Trips

blockspot™ was designed to partner with educators as a curriculum resource for inquiry, practice and exploration. Built by early childhood teachers, blockspot™ brings the theories of Froebel, Piaget and Vygotsky and the ways that children learn best to teachers and students. Let us help you design a field trip where your students are responsibly connected to their learning.


Engage your students in an experience that solidifies skills outside of the classroom. Create experiences that successfully practice the modules designed in the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS). We’ll help you integrate your units of study into a one of a kind field trip for your class.

Ambassador Program

Want to use blocks in your classroom to extend content understanding? Contact us about our Ambassador program and become a blockspot™ partner in education. We’ll supply the blocks, you supply the lessons. Call for more information.
How can a blockspot™ field trip support you in the classroom?
Developing a math concept?
Ask students to show it with blocks. Fractions, sizes, perimeter, area and measurement can be represented with blocks.

Examining art and architecture? Ask students to represent their knowledge with blocks.

Studying communities? Use blocks as the medium for understanding.

Reading for meaning? Comprehension? Story elements? Let your students use blocks to tell the story they understand.

Writing, data, observations, reflection, sharing? Let your students practice these real life skills with building materials that engage the hands, focus the mind and open the heart to construct without expectations.

A Little About blockspot™

Our building block warehouse can accommodate up to 25 students building solo or in partner groups. Designing meaningful building experiences is blockspot™’s mission. Children learn by integrating content and representing real life concepts with natural materials.

blockspot™ teacher leaders will help you plan the perfect field trip. Let’s get blocks back in the hands of children-their medium for understanding.

Teachers work hard and we’re here to help.

Call or email us for more information and availability.

Visit our Resources tab for information about block building, stages of block building and research that supports blocks building and its relationship to higher level thinking skills.

In 1913, Caroline Pratt designed the unit block which just celebrated its 100th birthday! Blockspot is a truly important venue for children to use unit blocks and other concrete materials to represent their ideas in concrete ways – preparing their minds for more abstract forms of symbolism, such as written language. Block play supports knowledge and learning as children create miniature environments and experiment with design, symmetry and balance. Visit blockspot and allow your child to take unit blocks into the next 100 years!

Lynn Cohen, Ph.D., LIU/Post Associate professor and author