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Multi-age Studio  Drop - IN SIGN UP

Ages 3-12     10 am - 2 pm
Saturday sessions are a wonderful way for your child to spend some creative time building with blocks in a multi-age setting.  Drop-in anytime between 10 am and 2 pm  for one hour (or more)  and allow children  time to dabble with architecture, balance, measurement, symmetry and geometry.
$18 per hour

Nursery NationSIGN UP


Age 3-4  11:00 am - 12:00 pm

A session designed just for active learners. Your little one is exploding with energy and curiosity. blockspot's nursery nation will channel this energy with block building, social experiences, oral language development, music and activity time under the watchful eye of teacher leaders. A playtime filled with fun learning experiences will support your child's growing mind and body.                                                        

$25 per class  or ENROLL

ONE day a week - $110 month           TWO days a week - $220



Age 4-5  12:30-1:30 pm

Play is the most important activity in the lives of children.  Beginning Builders encourages 4 year olds to imagine and express their ideas with blocks!  Designed to support a child's emerging block building stages:  stacking, making rows, bridges, pathways and enclosures, while constructing stories with miniature animals and people - our beginning builders represent the meaning of the world around them in a space and time designed just for them!

$25 per class or ENROLL

ONE day a week - $110 month          TWO days a week - $220



Age 2-3   10:00 am -11:00 am

Join your little architect for an hour of joyful exploration.  Toddlers have so much fun learning while gathering, moving, carrying, holding and feeling blocks.  Tots select blocks based on shapes, learning attributes and gain knowledge essential to their play.  Curiosity is celebrated as children socialize, imitate and talk!  Tots will LOVE the space, the time, the music and the encouragement to play and create while building on developmental milestones!

$20 per class

After School Builders Club Ages 5-12 SIGN UP

Monday - ART!!   4:00-5:30 pm

Artists and Architects with Private Picassos

Young artists and architects will create collaborative and individual art projects, all inspired by their creations at blockspot®!  A variety of two and three -dimensional materials will be used for recoiled robots, New York City panoramas, observational drawings and much more.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday  4:00-5:30 pm
Our  after school program gives children the freedom to learn and work on weekly activities planned on rotating topics created with blocks. Your child will learn about physics with ramps and roads, study architecture found in structures around the world, learn how blocks solve math questions, read and build story elements from their independent reading and replicate and design their own art in architecture. Children can try out their ideas by hypothesizing and observing while being encouraged to wonder and ask questions. Our after school program is the perfect match for your child’s creativity.

Enrollment required  - 

ONE  day a week - $110 month          TWO days a week - $220 month

blockspot® School Field Trips for Educators SIGN UP

By appointment 

Field Trips to blockspot® can assist educators with concepts, topics and themes that are explored in the classroom. Our block warehouse is the perfect venue for class trips. Let us help you plan an activity that supports your curriculum through integration. Teacher leaders will guide classes through activities that join thinking, learning and building. Large motor skills, character building, art, mathematics, literacy, language, social studies, social interaction and technology are some of the key elements to be focused on. Classes will use our giant space to build without restriction. Students will reflect on their work using photography and journaling. See the Educators tab on our website for more information. Don’t have blocks in your classroom? Ask us about our Ambassador Program for Educators.